Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Pictures

There are a million pictures from the wedding so I will just post them here and there...
It's crazy that the wedding already seems like ages ago. It ended up being perfect and we had such a wonderful time just hanging out with friends and family. We appreciate that everyone one went so far out of there way to be their with and for us. Our families were amazing and we couldn't have done it without them!


John, Heidi and baby to be said...

You look happy and beautiful!

Emerald City lady said...

Your wedding and the whole week staying at the dream environment was out of this World. It was so perfect in every way and so YOU! Everyone had such a fantastic time. You made a great hostess as well as radiant and breathtaking bride in front of the striking azure, blue sky and gently rumbling ocean. I had the time of my life.
I am so proud of you.
All my love, Mom, Cathy