Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long time no see

Ja Ja!!! It seems like it's just been extra busy lately.
We took a 3 day trip over to Panama City. Mario had 2 days of work over there and it turned out our friends had also planned a quick trip also so we all met up. No oil when we were there. The water was beautiful! This was about a week ago and I'm hearing it may be close or in PC now. So awful and so sad.
We've been house sitting Mario's dads' dog, Jaffa. Stella LOVES Jaffa! She calls her Ja Ja. Which when she says it, it sounds awfully close to Da Da. She'll be running around saying Ja Ja and Mario will pick her up or go to her thinking she wants him. But no, she will wiggle out of his arms and go running after the dog. He's admitted to a tad bit of jealousy over Stella's undying attention to this little runt. While Stella will be heart broken when she returns home tomorrow, Mario will not.
Another event to note...Stella pee peed on the potty!!! OK, if you are not a parent you may want to discontinue reading right about here. She has been acknowledging pee pee and poo poo for a little while now. Grabbing her diaper etc. I wasn't going to actually start "potty training" til around the new year when she was a little over 2. I did want to get a potty though to start her getting used to the idea and get comfortable with it. So the other day Nana got her her very own little potty. The other night when she said poo poo (which we've figured out means pee pee) and grabbed her diaper, Mario took her in and sat her down and presto! We've only had the little potty for about 2 days so I think we are doing pretty darn good! The next morning she came up and told me poo poo and grabbed her diaper, same thing I took her in and sure enough! Although, I think she says poo poo in place of either. It's in progress. While I am not switching out her diapers for underwear tomorrow or anything I think she is on her way! Mommy's sad. :( Baby is turning into a big girl! :( Oh my, what am I going to do when Kindergarten comes around??? I think this parenting thing is definitely harder on me then her!!!
On another note, Mom has her 3rd chemo today. Half way there!!! She is doing pretty good and just taking it day by day. We will all be glad to have this chapter behind her. Thanks again to anyone that has helped or even kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

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