Friday, November 6, 2009

Poor sick little birthday girl.

Our poor little baby was sick on her 1st birthday. I mean sick. This is her first cold, flu, anything. First fever other then teething. So she's been pretty lucky making it a year BUT boy did she get it when she did. I'm sure everyone has already heard enough about it from me worrying so I won't get in to it too much. I just hope she isn't a baby that has a high fever every time she gets sick. When I would ask for advice and someone would say well my baby never had a fever that high (which quite a few people did) it just ran a million scenarios over in my head. None of which I would like to visit on a regular basis. So we now have experience with fever rash, which is actually good so I know what it looks like. She's gotten sick to her stomach for the first time and now she has her first cough. It's now been 2 weeks this darn thing has been running it's course. Her sleep of course has been suffering. I think she has woken at least once a night. Hopefully we are in the last phase which is the rattly coughing part.
Ok, moving on. So I haven't been updating much since with the sicky we haven't really been doing a whole lot. Her birthday weekend we had to postpone her party. Still working on a reschedule date and we are going in to the holidays now so it may be a first birthday/Thanksgiving. Just Kidding...well kinda. I could not hold out on our presents for her any longer so we gave them to her slowly over that weekend. Here are a few.
I may revisit the whole "I can't believe my baby is 1" post in the near future. All I am going to say now is it's all true. It goes so fast, your children change your life in ways you couldn't see possible, they make you better people, etc. Pretty much everything I have ever read that people express about their children is true, well only the good stuff of course. I think to just sum it up I recently read a quote by Brad Paisley. Yes, I know lame. BUT it is still ringing in my head and will remember it probably forever.
"Having children is like having your heart running around outside your body".
I know, I know. Not the most eloquent but so true.

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