Thursday, September 24, 2009


Baby Alligator!
Stella wasn't to impressed...

Yesterday my friend Jenny and I took the kids to the zoo. The poor woman is 6 months pregnant and we walked for 5 hours in the 90 degree heat. She is a trooper! Jaden is 4 and Maddie is 2. They both love Stella!
They have a critter class for moms and toddlers that is 1 hour a week, 1 day a week. They do different stuff around the zoo, do crafts, exercises, all sorts of stuff. Jenny and I are thinking of doing it but it's 18 months to 3 years old so we have to wait about 6 months. :( It sounds fun though!
We are going to go with Jennys family for a Halloween event they are having the weekend before Halloween. It should be fun. They have stuff for all ages. Jenny also has a daughter Aubreys age (that's how we met) and they have a haunted trail for 12 and up so the girls can do that. They also have stuff for young kids too and they dress up. Yay!
It looks like Stella's 1st Birthday (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? I can't.) party is going to be ON Halloween. Her birthday falls on a Wednesday so the Saturday after happens to be Halloween. The Saturday before we have things planned so it will have to be Halloween...I think we are going to do a midday bbq type party so people will be able to still do Halloween stuff. I don"t want to tie Halloween in because her Bday being so close to Halloween I'm sure down the road will be incorporated into her party some year. We were looking at renting a Elmo costume (for some reason she LOVES Elmo. Toys & Books!) and having someone dress up and make an appearance but I'm having a little difficulty with that idea so we'll see. I leave for Seattle in 2 weeks so I'm trying to put some stuff for the party together now since it will be a little over a week away when we get home. We are SOOOOO excited to go meet Stella's little cousin, baby Reece! Also to see friends and family. They haven't seen Stella since she was 6 weeks old so it should be a blast!!!
Have a great weekend!

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