Thursday, August 20, 2009

Many faces of little Miss Stella!

We've had a pretty quiet week this week (thank goodness) so I haven't really posted much. The other day I was just catching some pics of her and got a whole repertoire of faces. We are going to the Bahamas next week so I probably won't have much to post til we get back so this will have to tied everyone over! I'm sure I'll have a million then, we are SO excited to go to Atlantis!!! They have all sorts of lagoons, water slides, aquariums, etc. ;) Her 3rd tooth is halfway in. Also, I've been playing "where's Stella's nose, where's mama's nose, eye, ear, mouth, etc, with her. The other day out of the blue I asked her where my nose was, and with her pointer finger put it right on the tip of my nose. Einstein, I tell ya. :) In other news, Stella should have a new cousin sometime this week! Yay!!!

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