Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teeth and more

Boy does she love those cookies!

Note the hair pulling on cousin Chloe's hair! Poor girl!
This is what our floor looks like after the cookie. Good thing Missy (the dog) comes by and gives it a through cleaning! Haha!

I tried clicking on the pic in the last post to enlarge it and it wasn't working. Here's a closeup of Stella's shiny new teeth. :)
I also forgot to note that Stella stood on her own, not holding on to ANYTHING for about 30 seconds. She keeps pulling her hands away from you when she's standing and then she'll raise them in the air like, "look mom, no hands!". She did it at Nana's the other day with everyone watching and just stood there. I put my hands out to brace her fall, but she just kept standing. I think my jaw dropped. We all were holding our breath waiting for her to fall on her heiny. She just kept standing there not even wobbling. I know she's still a ways away from walking on her own but she is obviously working in that direction. It's about to get CRAZY around here! :)

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