Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

She's now pulling herself up on her knees and feet on anything she can.
She was looking at herself in this little mirror. Then she kept putting her face on it, not quite sure what she was doing but it was really cute. It looked like she was kissing herself in the mirror.

Watching Daddy give Missy a bath.
Look at me, I'm standing!
I hope everyone had as great a Fathers Day as we did. We just putzed around in the morning then Mario's dad came over to bbq steaks. I made some apps then we had steaks, cucumber salad, red potato wedges and corn. Topped off by key lime pie. I'm stuffed. We had a nice time and good conversation. It was nice to just hang out. I had a book made of pictures of Mario and Stella over her first 6 months. He loved it SO much. We had a really good day and I appreciate the special relationship that Mario and Stella have and am so thankful for that. They love each other so much, I love seeing her light up when he walks in the room. It's hard on holidays to not be able to spend it with family being so far away. Whether it is birthdays, mothers day, etc. So happy fathers day to my dad also!

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