Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aubreys dance recital!

The girls at Nana's!
Stella didn't make it through the whole thing...We had a busy last weekend! Aubrey had a dance recital Saturday, then we went over to Mario's dads for a bbq! Sunday we went and had a wonderful lunch at Mario's moms to celebrate mothers day since they will be out of town next weekend! Mario has been working like crazy, which we are thankful for! I think this Thursday he has to go to Panama City for a few jobs so Stella and I are going to ride along. We're going to stay over and Stella and I are going to hang by the pool/beach at the hotel while he finishes up and then can join us for some fun and dinner! It's mid to high 80's around here so the water will feel good and I am looking forward to having Stella try the pool out again! She's a HUGE fan of the bath but the pool...so far not so much. I think cuz the water is colder. Mini vacay! Yay! Hold on to your hats for some seriously cute bikini pics when we get back!!! Uhhh, of Stella. Not me. ;)

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