Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 Months!

I was blowing bubbles for Stella and Missy and I'm not sure who liked it better? They were more interested in each other then what I was doing...

We went to a pool party this weekend!
I can't believe Stella is 6 months today!!! We've enjoyed every single day! It just gets better! She's almost sitting up and can sit on her own for a little while. Although still a little bit unsteady. I stay next to her because she sometimes biffs it. She's getting closer though. I think she has to be setting the world record for teething with no teeth. A few days ago we were up with her for 3 hours with her screaming and pulling on her gums. Finally her tylenol kicked in. Her top left tooth is sitting right there on the surface and I've been able to see it for about a week now without it going back up so hopefully that means it may actually sprout. Before they have come up for a few days then disappeared again. She has been going through teething symptoms off and on for almost 3 months now. You can totally tell when they are bothering her too. Luckily she escaped the awful cold that the rest of us had. I don't know how. Aubrey, Mario and I all had it. It came with a fever so I kept a close eye on Stella but so far so good!

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Anonymous said...

Andrea, she is beautiful!! Isn't it exciting when they hit ANY milestone!?! I hope her teething symptoms subside soon... that's hard on everyone!